Team members

Founder and Board member (Project leader)

My name is Angela Gredig, I am 40 years old and I have a real passion for animals in distress and farm animals. Ever since I was a child, my heart has beaten for all animals, whether they were in Switzerland or abroad, whether they were pets, (farm) animals or wild animals, insects or aquatic creatures. They are all worth being protected, because the ecosystem would function on its own if it weren’t for humans, who bring everything down.

Since I went to live on my own at the age of 22 and until today, I have helped animals in all ways. With physical work, with taking in dogs that were no longer wanted, with animal care and with financial support. I have always been available to help animals in difficult situations. Time, financial aspects, veterinary costs, dog training, mantra with the newcomer, I financed everything with my own savings and yet I found that as a private individual I could “only” help in small ways, but for bigger projects I lacked the background. Through a German animal welfare association I knew, I got an idea of animal welfare work within a year. This is how the idea of creating my own association was born. A wider spectrum of possibilities now opens up with my association. And I am looking forward to this journey in the interests of animals! Many thanks in advance to all the people who will be supporting my association and my ideas!

Setting up a non-profit association also involves a lot of expertise and bureaucracy. This is why I am in the best possible position with the association’s president Viktor Stutz and financial manager Eugen Perger. The two of them and Giovannni Giordano have worked hard and held monthly meetings to build the structure of the association.

From left to right: Eugen Perger (Treasurer), Andreas Tapfer (Activ member) Viktor Stutz (President), Giovanni Giordano (Activ member), Angela Gredig (Project Leader)

Eugen Perger – Board member (Treasurer)

I came to know the love for animals through Angela. Before I was not very sensitive and was afraid of dogs, until Angela showed me how sensitive and gentle man’s best friend is. It makes no difference whether it is a house dog or a so-called ‘dangerous’ dog! Angela also showed me that it is possible to eat without inducing suffering in animals, but with a lot of respect for the Creation.

It is a great feeling to be able to help a living being. That’s why I immediately said yes when I was asked to support the association in the finance department on a voluntary basis, as my area of expertise is the world of finance. Through my daily work as a financial analyst, I am very happy to be able to work in my spare time for a non-profit organisation. Donations and projects are discussed in detail within the team, where and how much should flow into our projects and other associations known to us.

I am looking forward to great projects!

Andreas Tapfer – Active member

I have known Angela since I was young and she has passed on her love of animals to me over the years of our friendship. I adopted a dog from an association in Switzerland for more than 10 years because the dog could not be placed properly and was allowed to stay with a woman from the association. This period was wonderful for me, because I could see that there are people who persevere and want to give all dogs a home. “To want is to be able!” This phrase fits Angela perfectly. As long as I have known her, she has always cared a lot about animals, especially abandoned dogs. Over the past 18 years, Angela has rehabilitated 5 of her own dogs and countless others that she has fostered. I am very happy to support her association, because I know that her efforts and donations will be used where they need to be.

Viktor Stutz – President

As an entrepreneur, I used to perceive the world in a very rational way and with tunnel vision. Since I met Angela, my perception and behaviour have changed. She actively exemplified to me that every living being is precious and unique. She has also impressed me greatly with her unreserved consistency in defending every creature, be it a dog, a pig, a small spider or an insect. With her exemplary and unparalleled commitment to all animals, Angela has also inspired me to actively help. I am very happy and motivated to lead the association as president and to carry on great projects as a team to help animals in need.

Giovanni Giordano (active mamber and translator Italian, French, English)

I was asked to join the association because I had adopted a foster dog from Angela. I was fascinated by her strength and motivation (she had taken care of three difficult dogs at the same time as my current dog)! It was therefore clear to me that such a force of nature should also be supported in French-speaking Switzerland. I am very happy to participate in the creation of this association and to be part of it since its foundation in March 2021.