With every contribution, no matter how small, you can make a big difference.

Like, for example, with the hair trimmer that we were able to finance in the spring of 2021. For us in Switzerland, the almost CHF 200.00 is a reasonable amount., whilst it is pretty high in Romania. For the dogs, who had to live with matted fur for months, sometimes even years, it is a real relief to have it shorn. That is why it is so important that we from the wealthy countries, where it is easy for us to give up something and donate it, to do so. This is the only way to create new friendships in other countries, which allow us to believe in the good together. Only in this way can the plight of the animals be alleviated.

For us it is a great joy every time the trusted person in Romania writes to us and suggests a project, or as in this case, for the financing of a hair trimmer. The speed and transparency of Paul Osan is excellent and the basis for our trust for the helpers on site.