Dog winter coats and washmachine for Baia Mare

Still working for a well-known animal welfare organisation in Germany, I successfully launched the second major project. I was shocked by the fact that in winter puppies, old and sick dogs, but also those who simply do not have a thick coat, die of cold and loneliness in the kennels. As the shelters are outdoors and in winter in Romania temperatures can drop to minus 20 degrees at night, the danger of freezing to death is very high.

I started the appeal privately in Switzerland and through the German association via their platform. In the end, a total of 426 winter coats of all sizes were collected. I would especially like to thank four members of the German association for their support. Most of the donations came from Germany.

IIn Switzerland, friends and people I know donated money and I was able to buy XXL winter coats for dogs through the market.

In Autumn 2021, we will continue to correspond with the German association “Ein Herz für Streuner e.V” and will be able to deliver the rest of the collected winter coat in plastic boxes donated by the company UTZ in Bremgarten AG, which we thank for its support.

So that the winter coats will last a long time, at least in a shelter, and can be used for many more winters for the animals, I was able to finance a washing machine for the shelter in Baia Mare with the donations I received. The shelter already had a washing machine, but it had been broken for a long time. Since it is very important to me to help in a sustainable way, I did not want to miss the opportunity to provide at least one shelter with a washing machine. Because if the winter coats are full of faeces and there is no washing machine, the coat will be thrown away when it could be washed and reused instead.

With Paul Osan, I had a person on the spot who I knew would be able to organise things quickly in Romania, because Paul is as keen as our association to deal with the situation quickly, without complications and without red tape. Thanks to his animal welfare organisation, Paul was able to immediately buy and install a washing machine in Romania. Well done Paul, we really like your speed!