Bruce “the lucky pig”

I was just barely breathing a sigh of relief after the winter clothing rush when I was struck by the fate of a pig on FB. Farm animals are particularly close to my heart and as a vegan I can’t stand the mistreatment of animals. I couldn’t sleep well and the picture posted by an animal rights activist I knew stuck in my mind. As if driven by an instinct, I wrote to her privately and asked her how much time was left before those animals will be transported to the slaughterhouse, and also that pig lying fearfully on the floor unable to move (this happens in Switzerland!). It was so fat that it could no longer stand upright. The animal protection activist said: ‘Tonight they will all be taken away’. I asked for the purchase price and transferred the amount immediately. Fortunately, he was able to inform the farmer that the fat pig (and two others that were rescued by other friends) would be spared from the slaughterhouse. It makes me sad to think that all the other pigs were eaten or even thrown away in sausages and meat slices a long time ago, as our society throws away a lot of meat, just like that.
But Bruce and two other pigs were really lucky and arrived in a very big and wonderful new home, Which the animal rights activist I know organised

Bruce, Babe and Nala in happiness! From hell to the promised land of “freedom”. On 06.12.2020 the time had come and the pig farmer led the three redeemed souls to Valais. Once there, Bruce, Babe and Nala simply rested.

My big meeting with Bruce was on my 40th birthday and the start of my association. The day was fantastic!

Il mio compleanno da Bruce! Le immagini parlano da sole e spero che vi incoraggino a scegliere la VEGAN WAY, o vi motivino a integrare consapevolmente il cibo vegano nella vostra vita quotidiana. un saluto particolare a Tanja Wagner, che ha anche un grande cuore per gli animali (da fattoria)