Winter clothes and shoes

Thanks to the very committed German animal welfare association I know and their connection to Romania, I was able to launch my first big project in early autumn 2020. Thanks to the association “Ein Herz für Streuner e.V”, which organises transport between Romania and Germany, I was able to have clothes transported in sports bags to Romania in November 2020. The project “shoes suitable for work & winter jackets for hut workers” was the cornerstone of my interest in the projects.
The assembled customised bags were distributed to 21 people, in Baia Mare, Zalau, Busag and Bistrita,: Six drivers have been equipped with new jackets. The idea was to make the winter more bearable for people working outdoors by providing them with warm clothes. As the shelters in Romania are not built to the same standards as ours in Switzerland, not only are the dogs in the shelters very cold, but also the animal keepers who are exposed to the rigours of winter every day. The kennels in Romania are not in heated houses like ours, but rather in the damp cold and outdoors. My focus was clearly on thick winter shoes and jackets suitable for winter, which have to function qualitatively in the freezing cold. All donations of shoes and clothes that were not of good quality went into the clothes collection and the missing items, mainly suitable shoes, were bought by myself. In the end, after more than two months of planning, collecting donations, shopping in shops and via the internet, I delivered good quality goods to the German association in Pforzheim. I would especially like to thank Viktor Stutz, who sponsored more than half of the work jackets in perfect condition. As well as Margrith Pricker and my mantrailing friends, my family members who actively collected and donated clothes.