Rano & Huutch  help for animals

In memory of my boys, Rano, Huutch & Co.

As a young woman, I had found my dream job: animal keeper. My heart and my convictions were so big that I firmly believed that everyone only wants what is good and better for the animal world. Especially people who work in an animal shelter. The management had no connection or empathy with the animals in our care. When the little boy Süleyman was killed by three Pit Bulls in 2005, the so-called harmony of people towards people and people towards animals ended. While the fate of this boy is undeniably horrific, I would also like to mention here that the three Pit Bulls were victims of violence, abuse and miserable living conditions. They knew nothing because they were kept in the basement. The man who is responsible for this trauma should be deeply ashamed. Because of his irresponsible treatment of living beings, a child died in a horrible way and this man himself caused a lot of suffering and pain to his three pit bulls! Because of his incompetence, negligence and extremely abusive behaviour towards dogs, a whole country has been plunged into grief, anger and mutual hatred.

Due to this bad person, the hate campaign against (list) dogs was launched and massively exaggerated by the Blick and Co. Thus, society was divided and in Zurich a kind of war broke out between people with dogs, people without dogs and people with list dogs.

Every weak and incompetent person had his own opinion and all the rules of decency and respect no longer seemed to apply. People shouted and insulted people who still dared to walk a list dog or a dog with a large head. Most of them gave up and took their dogs to an animal shelter or euthanised them en masse

The majority of people were prejudiced and unkind to me and to all other large-headed dog owners. Anyone who has been through this knows what I am talking about.

I was able to help some of the list dogs find a place to live. I adopted two myself and Joschua, who I was unable to save from lethal injection due to the malicious intentions of my boss at the shelter at the time. I was no longer at the shelter at the time.

Joshua, you are always in my thoughts and I know that we are forever bound by friendship and love.

Rano and Huutch: “We’ve been through some tough times together, side by side, and as long as I breathe, I’ll miss you. When I leave this world one day, I will finally see you and all my dog friends again. You have shown me what true love is. This association is dedicated to you and we will do a lot of good to all living creatures while we are here.

Joshua and I at the animal shelter

He was full of joie de vivre and zest for action