The cat house in Baia Mare

On 28.10.2021, we decided to work with two animal welfare organisations in Romania, “Adapostul pentru pisici Licinius” and “Fight for Animals Baia Mare”, to finance their dream of a cat shelter. The two organisations in Romania have already completed many projects and show a lot of passion and love in what they do.

As we are still at the beginning of our association, we are paying the necessary 3,000.00 CHF out of our own pocket so that the container can be built as soon as possible.

The cat house will be built in the form of a large container (see photo). However, we would be very happy if donors could also be found for this project. Because our aim is to provide long-term support and, for example, to be able to cover veterinary expenses that cannot be covered by the two Romanian animal protection organisations. We would like Andrei Linicius and Paul Osan to be able to concentrate on their important daily work (animal care, rescue operations, castration campaigns, etc.) without having to worry about the costs that will arise from the cats’ home.

We are very happy to be able to make a small contribution against the misery of cats in Romania.