Rescuing an animal also means being responsible for the rest of its life from now on and taking care of it, raising it and caring for it. This is always associated with costs. Would you like to share the responsibility we have taken on for the four Goats and our adopted dog Arti? We and the animals in our care would be very happy with even a partial sponsorship from you.


With Fr. 60.00 per month you become a sponsor of a goat. You will be informed personally and regularly about the evolution of your animal and you will also have the possibility to visit it.

Partial sponsorship:

With any amount from Fr. 1 per month, you are a partial sponsor of a goat and you will be regularly informed of its evolution

Here are the animals that are looking for sponsors:

Goat (blue necklace) Susi Sorglos (Carefree Susi)

Goat (green necklace) Herr Grünwald

Goat (dark blue necklace) Pino Pepino

Chèvre (purple necklace) Violetta Fröhlich (Happy Violetta)

Dog Arti, at our place since 16.10.2021

Simply send an email to team@rano-huutch.ch with the name of the chosen animal and the monthly amount you wish to donate.

Thank you very much!