Our Romanian dream

Our dream is to buy a piece of land in Romania, fence it and make it available to a trusted person in Romania and a committed animal welfare organisation of our choice.

There are dogs that have already lived and seen so much on the streets of this world. Some dogs, because of their independence and autonomy, are no longer able to bond properly with people, let alone survive in a family and in our often mean-spirited society. They are misunderstood, considered aggressive even though they are simply superior to humans. A dog that expresses itself more like a wild animal and wants to move completely free, it is precisely to these dogs that we would like to give a piece of freedom from the bottom of our hearts. Dogs that can no longer be relocated should not spend the rest of their lives in 2m2 shelter boxes. These dogs also have the right to a dignified life.

On this fenced-in piece of land, independent, dominant, stubborn, but also shy dogs should be able to live “free” individually or, if possible, in small groups.

If you also believe in this Romanian dream of freedom for dogs with exceptional needs, we ask you to make a donation to this project.

Alternative Bank of Switzerland

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Thank you!