4 young goats

22.09.2021 As we had a very good experience with Sandra Fritsche “tierglueck-ch.com” regarding Bruce (the pig), we were immediately ready when she posted on FB an article about 4 goats that were about to be sent to slaughter if a place was not found for them. We contacted Sandra and told her we would take them if a place could not be found. Communication and planning work great with Sandra, so we were able to organise ourselves in case no one offered to adopt the four goats before the slaughter date.

As our trusted person in Mastrils (Theres) has already taken in two of our foster dogs, we were very happy when she agreed to take in the four goats.

On Monday 20.09.2021 we were informed that no one had come forward for the four young goats.

On Friday 24.09.2021, the time has come and we have taken the little goats to Graubünden where they will be able to live in peace and happiness, which is a good reason to celebrate!

Dear little goats, we have made it and brought you to your new home where you can simply enjoy life and live in accordance with your nature.

The place where you are now is fantastic and we look forward to seeing you again!