2 Frightened dogs from Romania, Arti & Rosalie

We decided to bring Angela’s sponsored dog to Switzerland, which she supported with an offer in Romania for a year! Arti you are so shy and scared, it is a great joy for us to be able to show you the beautiful side of life. You will be in good hands with our trusted person in Graubünden, who already looks after a large herd with great love and devotion. You can take your time to put aside your shyness and gain confidence in being human. We look forward to meeting you!

Thanks to “ein Herz für Streuner e.V.” for their confidence in our organisation. On 16 October, the big day had arrived.

Because there is often a meaning behind everything, we also brought along her kennel companion Rosalie! Selina from Ein Herz für Streuner e.V. had already told me about Rosalie, a shy dog who lived with 400 other dogs in the Arti kennels. As Rosalie’s siblings had been placed a long time ago, Rosalie had already had to face many farewells, but not this time!!! Rosalie you come with Arti and you can stay with your forever friend and this time for good. 🙂

Saturday 16 October 2021 was a day full of happiness. It was wonderful to accompany Arti and Rosali to their big new foster home. They are two souls who no longer have to spend the cold winter in the open shelter. They are “only” two of many animals who needed help, but for these two it finally means feeling safe and able to enjoy life.

Arti and Rosalie, welcome to the big family of Rano & Huutch!

20.11.2021 We from the association visited Arti and Rosalie. Their looks were already much calmer than at the beginning. We were very happy about this! But their distrust of people is deep. They still need a lot of time before they can trust us humans.